1. Eco Friendly Electronic Computer Recycling
  2. Destroy Hard Drive Data, Hard Drive Shredding, FACTA, health care, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach, Insurance, Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Data Security
  3. Resell Computer Inventory for Cash, Asset Recovery, ITAD, Broker/Buyer

AVR Recycling Handles Your Excess IT Assets & Data Destruction Needs

Because excess computer and electronic equipment can take up valuable square footage, thus costing you money, AVR Recycling provides environmentally responsible recycling of obsolete equipment. This includes computers, printers, monitors, telephones, batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs. We also provide inventory management (ITAD) and IT asset liquidation services.

AVR Recycling’s compliant data destruction services guarantee that any personal or confidential data left on your equipment is thoroughly destroyed, ensuring you avoid the risks posed by industrial spies, regulatory fines, and identity thieves.

AVR Recycling’s processes meet or exceed industry standards, including regulations that apply to the health care, financial services, manufacturing, government, and insurance industries.

AVR Recycling is located 5 minutes east of downtown San Diego, California. We accept most electronics free of charge from businesses and the public 5 days a week at our facility.